Monday, July 28, 2008

A Day With Faye!!

We were expecting to have a couple friends coming, so we thought we'd have a light lunch, then we were going to some other friends' to take a look at all their primitives. That didn't work out, so, you know, we called the kids in and had veggie pizza, fresh-off-the-tree cherries, a few chips, and raspberry lemonade. Yum, that was good.
We didn't want to pass up the visit with Faye, that we were taking our friends to experience (and Faye's house is an experience), so Kristin and I dished up some lunch to take to Faye,and went on ahead for a wonderful visit. She let us take some pictures while we were there. She has the most wonderful ideas, and she is very generous to let us gawk! Thank you Faye, for your hospitality!!
But, I digress! On our way to Faye's, out here in the country, we passed a couple kids with a lemonade stand. So, of course, we had to support the local shopkeepers!! OK, I think it was more like kook-aid or something, but oh well, I try to support lemonade stands.

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