Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our County Fair, is a Great County Fair!!

Kristin (dd) and I took the kids, mine younger ones 13, and twins 9, to the Columbia County Fair yesterday. Spent ALL DAY, well, all day and night actually! We got there right after it opened and just about closed it down. I'm still tired! When we first got there, they were have a benefit plant sale, and was it ever WONDERFUL!! I was making a joke that after shopping there, I couldn't afford to take the kids for the rides! But, the deals were so good, that I couldn't pass them up.
The Columbia County Fair has been having a lot of money problems for funding, and out of the generosity of Means Nursery, in Scaapoose, they donated a huge amount of very nice quality shrubs and flowers to sell as a fund raiser. It was wonderful. I got ornamental grasses, in a purple color, for a buck! God a really neat tree-type of bush that was really knarrly and on a variegated burgandy/green color, can't remember the night right off, but it was in a big pot for $12!! Tons of petunias in the big pots, 6 for $1. Many, many different varieties of shrubs, and of course I needed one of several! Guess what I'm doing today???

The fair was nice. I was a little dissappointed in the amount of entries in the canned foods, etc., but the baking was really great! I didn't see a lot of sewing, wonder why I missed that??

The animals are always great, and the kids just had a blast looking at all of them. And of course, the rides! My mind was whirling later, as I spent the whole afternoon trying to keep and out for all these kids going different directions with the arm bands on (23 bucks!!!) ready for every ride they can go on. We had a great time, spent way too much money, but, you know, it's the "experience" of the fair! It's encouraging to see people actually still farm, too!


Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Hi Karen!
I wish I had your energy! A yard sale AND the fair in the same week?
Wish I coulda been at the sale!! :)

You deserve a blog award, so head on over to my blog and pick up the pic!

I so enjoy your blog!!


Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Hey there Karen!
Here's sorta how to add the blog award to your blog. :)
...go to my blog and right click on the award pic (at the top right side)then save it somewhere on your pc. Then,open up your "dashboard" on your blog; click on layouts; click on "add a picture"; then copy & paste the photo file in. I hope my explanation makes sense! LoL! E-me if you need any help. Don't worry about all that other stuff. You deserve a blog award cause it's so doggone good!! :)