Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yum, don't you just love the taste of fresh blueberries? The kids and I, my eldest daughter and her kids, and some friends, all went out to the blueberry field today and picked gallons of berries!! Of course, we had a discussion on whether they should have weighed us first, but this place is so cool, they don't even stay outside to wait for you! They have a scale, a money box, and a sign, all based on the good old honor system! Who does that anymore??
We were talking about how many berries each of us had eaten. Some people eat one at a time, others, all they pick, and my philosophy on blueberries is.. When you're standing there in the field, the birds are chirping the sun is pleasantly shining, and the berries are big and wonderful, the berries should only be eaten by the HANDFUL! Eating one or two here and there is ok for frozen, or even for when you've gotten back home with your buckets, but definitely in the field, they should only be eaten a gob at a time.
Not to get off the subject, but blueberries eaten one at a time in the field, would be like...ok, one of my other favorite things in the whole work...Roake's footlong hotdogs! We've driven to Milwaukee to get a Roake's dog. Would a person ever drive from Clatskanie to Portland to get a regular hot dog??? NO WAY! I would so love to have that recipe Roake's uses for their coney sauce. It's one of those tradition type things. My oldest kids grandmother ate at Roakes when she was a teenager! She is now in her 70s! Then I learned about them, and of course, my kids love them. They would be on their list of favorite foods in the top 10! So, it's like generational thing!
People have gotten teary telling me how important my Finnish Cardamom bread is to their family's holiday tradition, and I can believe it based on how much I sell them LOL! Why does food do that to people?? I think it's kinda Biblical, the fellowship people have around food, you know?
So, anyway, the blueberries! They are going into the freezer, at least this batch. I told one of my twin sons that he needs to pick 365 cups of blueberries, since he likes to eat a cupful every night right out of the freezer! But, we'll be back out for more in just a few days. First, I have to clean Grandmas windows tomorrow, then Friday, it's bake all day for a craft fair at the Clatskanie Bluegrass Festival. Then, back to get more blueberries!

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I travel to one of my shops through Amish country, they are starting to raise a lot more goats than normal...but THIS IS A GOAT HERD!!! How cool was that!

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