Friday, August 1, 2008

Boats & Goats

Sometimes life just brings you the strangest sights, don't you think? I had to go clean my MILs windows yesterday, she lives right on the Columbia. She sees these ships go by more often that she sees cars, and although I'm only a few miles from her, it amazes me to see these ships go by from all over the world! Isn't this one just huge?? It feels like it's right in your lap watching them go by.
The road's are being repaved out near our home, and the traffic gets held up lately, for longer than I sometimes want to wait. So, I needing to get the PO before it closed, I decided to take the dike road, so I wouldn't be held up in traffic. I'm driving a little ways, and although I'm alone, I just had to laugh at my "plan" to not be held up. Ahead of me in the road, coming at me, are a mass of goats. I'm not talking 20 goats, I'm talking I'VE NEVER SEEN SO MANY GOATS IN MY LIFE! Here I am on a dike road, the slough on one side, no room to turn around, and goats are coming at me. Finally, I can make out that thee are actually humans among them and a dog. Although I've grown up around farmer-type people, I've never met a goat-herd guy before! Well, I just stayed there, had my camera with me, and started taking pictures. They kept getting closer and closer, until they were all around me. We once had a goat that jumped on my car, and I started thinking I could get mauled by these goats. They were all around me. It was something odd, something that I will never probably experience again, but God is so good to let me enjoy the oddest things, don't you think? When they finally were herded down the bank, I got out and took another picture, and asked the goatherd, "How many are there?" He didn't speak much English I could tell, but he said "One thousand, five hundred". Have you ever been close to 1500 goats at one time?

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Hola, como va?, muy buen Blog, voy a seguir pasando, cuando queiras pasate por el mio, Saludos!! que andes bien