Sunday, August 3, 2008

Clatskanie Bluegrass & Quilt Show Fun!!

Well, it was too hectic for me to get pictures of our local festivities- the Clatskanie Bluegrass Festival and Annual Quilt Show that was this weekend, (got them from clatscom) but what a good time! I didn't drag everything Kristin and I had to the Quilt Show crafter's fair, (Kristin wasn't going to be there, and I knew I'd be tired!), but, I did quickly sell out of everything I baked, YES!!! I could have sold more, but sometimes it's hard to tell how much will sell, how busy it will be, etc.
Between the estate sales, the Library book sale, the Bluegrass, and the Quilt Show, it was a pretty full weekend in Clatskanie. For such a small town, we sure do have a lot of events, it seems to me!
Tomorrow, we've got to get up early and get the outside stuff done in a hurry. It's supposed to be hot, which I love, and we won't want to work hard in the heat. The kids will be stacking firewood & I'll be weeding and tilling the garden. Then we can all swim the rest of the day, and drink raspberry lemonade.
I got really attached to the strawberry and raspberry lemonade they had at Burgerville, so we've been making our own, probably a lot less sugar anyway, and it is sooooo good! I need to call a friend who is letting me have some of her apples are her huge old tree, and see when they'll be ready, and that will be sooooo good. I love fresh apples. I love real apples! The ones in the store are usually tasteless. I love a crispy, sweet-tart apple, and I'm looking forward to canning applesauce, pie filling, and making apple cider. Cider usually calls for a party, you know, the guys have to crank the press, although every year they talk about how easy it would be to put a motor on it LOL, so it serves them right to have to crank the handle!
I've been looking for a crispy dill pickle recipe. My dill pickles are great tasting, but just not as crunch as the ones from the store. A friend told me about something called "Pickle Crisp", and I'm wanting to see what is actually in it, and if I want to can my pickles with it. It seems like canning comes on like a flood, you have to hurry and get it in jars, but it looks so gorgeous when it's done! It seems to me like you look at it on the shelf, at least I do, and think, "It's canned work", you know what I mean, like the work is bottled up in that jar, it keeps, you remember it, all the labor of love, right there in the jar, sealed. Jar after jar after jar of beautiful work, stuff God gave us to keep sustain us through that cold weather. OK, I'm wandering, it's after midnight, and I've got to get up early. I'm so glad Randy makes the coffee!!!

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