Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm Dreamin' of a Vintage Christmas....Just like the Ones I used to know

Cuz, yes, I grew up in the vintage years, possibly the antique years! And no, it's not too soon, I'm afraid.
After Kristin and I folded up our shop (The Old Quincy Schoolhouse) where we had tons of fun playing and decorating and visiting....but not enough time for kids, for home, for's been nice having more time to myself, to scrounge for great stuff, to play with kids, and grandkids, to garden (my flower beds are still trying to catch up from the neglect), and all that homekeeping in the country brings (like endless weedeating b/c we live where it's green)..I still miss it. We have done a few shows so that helps, and we get to see other prim n proper people, and vintage & cottage-ey people, though.
But, I got a brainstorm again, and hopefully there will be time to do this and do a good job of it. We have this little country church, right near our home, just the cutest little country church, although it is in need of paint, a new roof, and other maintainance. Well, my idea is to have a "Vintage Winter Faire" in it, possibly in November. I'm thinking even in the evening, b/c I'd just love to see that place lit up for Christmas. I took a picture of it the other night after our Bible study, to see how it looks at night with just lights on inside. It was almost dark, and I thought it looked pretty.
Well, I'd like to do a mini version of what we did in the schoolhouse, have it last a couple weekends in a row. I'm trying to decide exactly when would be the best time, before all the bazaars and shows start in November, or later. I want to be able to decorate for Christmas, (if we do it during the Christmas season), but I don't know that I want to label it "Christmas", more like "Winter". I don't know, I have to dream some more!
But I can picture it, move a lot of the pews out, put booth type spaces, but sell all at one place, like a total shopping experience. Not exactly sure, but you can see why it's not to early to think of a Vintage Christmas.

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SimpleFolk said...

Well, now you've got me dreaming,too! I can just picture it. :-) What a lovely, lovely idea. I'm sure you will have much success. Wish I lived closer so I could contribute! My sister and I had a shop once and had to close it for the same reasons. We still do occasional shows and have met so many wonderful folks. Please keep us posted on your vintage Christmas gathering and do post pictures! :-)