Saturday, August 23, 2008

I've got to clean up my sewing room!

I've seen photos of other people's craft/sewing/studio rooms that you wonder how they find anything in there. Well.....lately, I'd say I could win an award for the messiest crafting room! I've still been able to find things, but, let's just say, I need to invest some time into it.
I've found a lot of neat treasures this summer, things I intend to list on Etsy or Ebay and just have not had time. I guess there's too much to do in the summer? Or maybe it's just the gathering season, and when fall comes, it's time to get onto the listing bandwagon. Whatever, I need to get that room cleaned out.
I've been working on some rug hooking projects, really wishing I had a teacher that had skin on so I could ask them tons of questions, but I've got some books, the internet, etc. I've got some neat inspiration at my friend's house. Her mother-in-law, I believe in the 40's, hooked some huge rugs that are so awesome it's unbelieveable. I've had the pleasure to visit her, and her rugs. I've been collecting wool at garage sales, goodwill, etc., felting it in the washer and drying it, getting it ready for the many tubs I seem to be growing, just so I can have an assortment of colors. Next, I'll want to learn to overdye the wool, I'm sure. Anyway, this wool is adding to my mess. But there is always a method to my madness, and it will get done!
I think I have disorganized genes! My mom is soooo picky about what is supposed to go where, I guess I must have OD'd on that particular habit. I try, but... it's hard. Especially in that room. Plus, I have a lot of interests, and they all take room.
Besides my sewing room, I've got things that I need to get ready for my next sale. I just need to push myself out to get it done. I've got painting to do, a new idea for our booth to work on, tags to get made, etc. I'm determined to not do my usual and wait till the last minute. Now, my bread business works good for the "last minute personality". The bread is as fresh as it can get!
I'm going to share some photos of some of the rugs my friend introduced me to. Her mother-in-law hooked these in the 40s. I'm sure you'll love them! Look at all the detail in these rugs. Some of these are over 9 ft. long!! What a lot of work!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

I would love to own just one rug like that.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Those rugs are amazing! And I think you must be amazing too, that you are felting your own wool to made rugs! That sounds like a lot of fun!

I am so glad you visited my blog. I hope you come back soon. In the next couple of days, I am going to show pictures of my studio/office all redecorated and organized :-)

Plus I am going to have a giveaway!