Saturday, August 16, 2008

How Beautiful It Is

Here in Oregon!! It is gorgeous here all year, but I've been loving these warm/hot days. You get your work done in the morning and at night, and you enjoy the sun during the middle of the day! Tonight we had one of our wonderful red sunsets. Chantel and I were out in the garden picking greenbeans (got lots this time) and the sun was going down, we were hurrying our hearts out. I looked up and commented, "I thought those sunflowers were supposed to be taller than the corn?" But then, as I looked between the tassles of corn, through to the little yellow sunflower peeking at me, the sunset was behind it, and was it a wonderful photo.
Chantel ran in to get the camera, but for some reason, every time we took a picture, it said "disk error", so don't know what happened there. I'll try again with another sunset, hopefully.

Then, we went to the back "yard" to see how the boys were coming along with their work. They were using the tractor to move the hay to it's storage barn, getting done just in time before it was dark. The boys love to ride in the bucket.

Chantel and her cat Jakie had to get in the sunset, too! And I love the sunset from our patio under the maple tree, excuse the mess, we've been "living" here!


simple~needs said...

i miss the hay baling and taking it to the barn so much!! we used to ride on top of the hay bales waaayyyy on top of the truck. i can still hear my grandpa telling us to hang on as we come down the hill to the house.
thanks for the memories!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

OMW what a beautiful sunset!!! Great pictures!!!

I didn't know you could can applesauce. How long does it stay good for??? I have always wanted to try it. I made some in my crock pot a few years back, but I put it in my fridge and it only lasted a few days.


Karen said...

Mary, Try it! You can quarts in water bath for 25 minutes, it lasts as long as any fruit, at least a year or two. Karen