Saturday, August 9, 2008

Applesauce~Some of my first canning this season!

I love to make use out of things that go to waste. I'm not talking trash to treasure, here really, I'm talking about fruit that hangs on trees and bushes and falls on the ground and wastes. I went to a baby shower recently, we're in the country you know? Well, I walked through the backyard to get to the entry door, and I ended up, like always, getting twigs stuck in my hair, etc., tomboy that I seem to be. You know, my sister always went everywhere and never got dirty. Me??? I attracted messes and forgot things, like...underwear???? I only did that twice that I know of, but the time I did it in 2nd grade, when I had to wear a dress, was pretty traumatic. I remember distinctly scooting around in my desk, because the seat swiveled, you know what I mean?? Well, as I scooted, I thought, "Oh gosh, I forgot my underwear". What's a girl to do??? Well, I went up and told the teacher, and she says, "What do you want me to do??" I said, "I've got to talk to my sister!" So I rush down to the next room, to the 4th grade class, interrupt the class and ask for my sister. I tell her, "Sister, (yes, that's what I called her), Sister, I say, I forgot my underwear!" Well, you know what my big sister did for me?? She told the teacher she had to go to the locker room, she took off her underwear for me to wear, and she wore her gym shorts under her dress! Can you believe it??
Well, I got side tracked, I was under the apple tree, getting twigs in my hair, but amazed at all the apples on the tree. So, I asked my friend what her MIL does with all those apples, and she says they get fed to the cows! So, this year, my daughter and I got them! We didn't even begin to pick enough to notice, but I did get 42 quarts of applesauce out of them! Oh, yum, nice and tart, I added a very little bit of brown sugar and some cinnamon, and got them down unbelieveably quick! Did you ever use one of these saucer things? I can't remember right off what brand mine is, but it is a wonderful tool! I sauces apples, tomatoes, berries, etc. All I did with the apples, was cook them in a little water to steam them soft, after I washed them , left them whole, and put them through the machine. My 9 yo son enjoyed helping crank the handle, and we got done very quickly, compared to peeling and coring, etc. The sauce comes out the grate, and the peel, stem, core, etc, come out the chute at the end! They sell for I believe $30-$60, but I was fortunate enough to buy one for $5. at a garage sale!!

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