Saturday, April 26, 2008

We've got no rain today!!

So, it's make hay while the sun shines! I plan to be good and exhausted when I get in from outside today! I love clear days, and here in Oregon, we've had record RAIN and COLD! I'm so sick of it, and that's what everyone else is saying. I can hear the neighborhood mowers going right now. I've got stuff in my greenhouse that needs to get in the garden, too, and I think we're working on raised beds at the back of the garden. I love my new rototiller, and my weedeater, and they're going to get a workout. more talking about it, gotta go!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finally Spring????

Here it is, April in Oregon, yes I know people think all we get is rain, but it's just not true! Actually, last week we had snow....In my view, if it were my decision to control the weather, spring would come in the 2nd week of February, last till May, Summer through to October, Fall to Thanksgiving, and then, yes, let it rain a little, snow a LOT, then back to spring again. I know, no one asked me!

We are having some beautiful weather here this week, though, and I'm just praising the Lord for that! Except for needing to get a few things done inside, a few calls to make, etc, I'm on my way out to the greenhouse to see my plants and talk them into waiting a week or so to get planted in my flower beds. Then I think I'll start up my brand new anniversary present from Randy, my Weedeater! Yep, I'm pretty practical. I'd rather have a new tool to make work easier, than a piece of jewelry. After all, I could stand out there and try to start the old weedeater until I was in tears, like I did last year. I spent more energy trying to start it than to cut the grass with it!

On the crafty end, I have been steadily getting stuff listed in my Etsy Shop and getting it going a little more. I'm pretty tired of Ebay fees, etc, so, I'm having fun with Etsy. I have even put on a little baking stuff, which was a goal of mine.

I want to show you what I've been creating in the craft room department, though. Aren't these little guys just so cute? I had so much fun making them. I do a lot of crafting actually when sitting with my family, or in the mornings when my Randy gets me up and has devotions with me. He reads from the Bible while I listen and work and a project, sitting by the woodstove. Well, here's my guys....