Friday, April 15, 2011

Show and Tell

It's been awhile, and I've been going every whichway, trying to work with the weather, either doing indoor or outdoor projects. I really dislike needing to be indoors on a sunny day, so I'm trying to make good use of the rainy ones. Like yesterday, my oldest daughter & grandkids came over and helped me and my youngest ones rip out all the carpet in the living and hallway. My husband was...surprised, maybe a little overwhelmed because he's still working on the kitchen flooring. But it was raining!
And since it is also raining today, but I hear it's supposed to turn sunny SOON, I've been trying to work on my Etsy shop, which has been slightly neglected lately. Not to mention, getting my "studio" cleaned up! It's where all my Etsy finds get put, (well, a LOT of them haha).
We don't have regularly scheduled broadcasting in our house, and haven't for most of my adult life. We do have videos, but, as you can imagine, we're gladly behind in all the programs out there, unless someone tells us about something they think we might like. Well, we did finally get netflix. And enjoy it, (we've gone through ALL the Andy Griffiths, Gomers, (except I had never noticed how much yelling went on through that whole series!). My daughter told us to watch "Hoarders." Wow! That's interesting! What's more interesting is that my teenage daughter started hauling out boxes of stuff to take to our church rummage sale! Made me want to get in my studio and clean. Made my husband mad because we teased him about hoarding books lol. I never thought he had a "real" problem, but he did get a little defensive lol.  Me? No, I don't have a problem, hehe. Actually, I've been decluttering a lot of my own personal stuff, going through a lot of my things I'm tired of cleaning. I've been known, like now, to own a huge set of dishes I received from someone dear, and kept for years and years, not wanting to tell her they weren't my style, not wanting to hurt her feelings! Well, I must be getting old, because now I want to keep only what I really love and use.
In my studio, I came across some things I'd found recently. Cool things for the right person! Like this chain purse. It is just adorable, found it at an estate sale. I'm NOT in a hurry to wish for fall at ALL, and I'll probably get them into my Etsy shop wayyyy before then, like soon, but I was surprised to find a bag full of these vintage Halloween decorations. If I liked/celebrated Halloween, I'd keep them, but I don't and I'm not. Did think they were rather notstalgic looking, like something Martha would have in her magazine under collections.
So, that's what I've been up to! Remodel projects, gardening, greenhouse, tons of yard work, homeschooling, and yes, even some Etsy!