Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy, Busy Days of Spring I Love

I just love spring, when you can hear the birds singing, you can almost smell honey in the air around here (must be pollen LOL), everything is starting to bloom. Beautiful green, spring is so beautiful here in Oregon. Well, I love Oregon any time, but we've had too much rain, record rainfall in fact, so the sunny days are welcome, for sure.

I've been busy planting flowers, getting my garden in, trying to catch up with the jungle out there. I had a plan to build a chicken house with my kids. My husband is actually a custom home builder, but I thought we could do it without his help, he's just really busy. Well..... he got involved, I got confused, (or was that intentional??) he took over with the boys, and the chicken house is almost done. My eldest daughter, Kristin, got me the most wonderful antique egg crate at the sell we did this weekend. I've got to incorporate it somehow into this chicken house. We also saw at the show we were at, some old chicken crates. I was coveting at least one, thinking, .... a planter??? Well, I didn't get it, but, maybe next time.

Like I said, we did a show this past Memorial Day weekend, I'm still tired out. We did well, had a lot of fun. We were packing stuff up into the trailer at the end of the last day, and a lady got there and actually got into the trailer to see what she might miss. I love those kind of people! She was fun, friendly, and she bought quite a bit on top of that! So...we went to the Neighborhood Nursery right afterward and treated ourselves to some more flowers!!