Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine...

What a beautiful summer we've had in the Pacific Northwest.  We usually get a bit more rain, and a bit less heat, but it's been fine with me, I love warm weather, and sooner or later, the rain's coming.  And I'm getting ready to get my studio cleaned up, make it cozy and inviting so I can hide away in here and work.  I have so much work to do, getting some treasures I've found listed on Etsy, doing some projects, getting geared up for baking.
As I was sitting at my desk, day dreaming a little, I'm looking outside and noticing how early the maples are turning gold, how dry the lawn got so early.  Everything's been that way.  But it's beautiful.  Besides the scenery outdoors, I was enjoying a little project I did last year, kind of a whimsical set of papier mache sailboats with tattered sales.  I hung them in my window, and the float along in the breeze as the maple leaves flutter.  I didn't plan it this way, but, see the little banner above the boats?  My daughter did this project with her kids.  It is actually little squares of world maps, strung on a piece of twine.  When I hung these together, I didn't think a lot about it, but isn't it fitting that my boats sale around the world under the banner, and through the rustic old tree branches at the window I get to sit and look out of when I work.  I think I'll leave it awhile, it inspires me!