Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bears for Adoption

Aren't they cute?  I'm still going through totes of stuff from my storage unit treasures! I seem to have aquired a Boyd's Bears collection. I know there are at least 30 adorable little guys/girls here. I should have counted when I was putting them in the basket.  They're up for adoption, if you're interested, make me an offer on the lot. (Gosh, I feel terrible saying it like that! I feel like I need to give them good homes, but don't really have time to adopt individually, and I can't afford to feed them!) Add about $15. shipping to your offer, in the U.S.
Besides adopting out bears, I'm still uncovering treasures. Haven't even started with listing anything yet, I've been sorting, washing pottery and glass, and trying to manage my real life at the same time! I'm racing the clock to have everything organized so that I can be OUTSIDE when we finally get some sunshine. I know everyone thinks it only ever rains in Oregon, but truly, we get some gorgeous weather here, and when we do, we celebrate it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vintage Treasures to the Ceiling

No kidding! I've NEVER bid on a storage unit auction before in my life. I don't know why, my parents even own one! (Well, their customers are usually good about keeping their payments up to date, even the lady who rented a unit for over 10 yrs, and her kids found...junk magazines)  I usually would think I'm too chicken to bid, but THIS was too good to be true. There were 3 units getting auctioned and we WON one!! What a blast! What a LOT OF WORK!
Right away we went through a lot of the stuff, ended up with 2 trailers filled with primitive antiques. We got 2 nice beds, one was a big huge brass one! I ended up with lots and lots of totes of smaller stuff that I can't wait to start listing in my Etsy shop. There are a ton of things I would love to keep, but I think I'll probably end up selling . But 3 things especially were favorites.
See the photo of the trailer, and in the very end, on the right hand side? It's a dye cabinet. At first, we thought it wasn't all there, but yep, my husband came across the tins that go on the door. It is turned around in the photo, but the back has some awesome advertising for dye-o-la (I think that was the name) dyes. It has little cubby holes that dye packages went in, but I might use it in my office.
Another favorite was the Hills Brothers Coffee thermometer. I gotta keep it! And then there is the glass mailbox. How awesome is that?
For days now, I've been washing pottery, going through everything, separated, categorizing stuff, getting rid of the junk. It looks like I'm gonna have plenty of cabinets, etc (as if I didn't already) to take to the Vintage Gathering Sale in July. And how many pottery pitchers does a person need anyway?
The lady that bought the other two auctions beside us was so nice. We ended up having a drawer of hers, she had one of ours. We were pretty excited for each other finding treasures. She got the two better ones, but I'm sure not gonna complain. And it's always nice to meet another treasure hunter! We're keeping in touch, so that when we come up with extra pieces, or missing pieces, we can get them to each other.
What else has there been going on around here? Well, I have a friend who hatches chickens with her little incubator. My sons and I got one and gave it a try. We only were successful with 2 little chickies, but they are spoiled little guys. I hate not succeeding at stuff like this, so, yep, we're giving it another try.  That first hatching had me such a nervous wreck, I felt like a father in a waiting room!  I think this little guy is a rooster, he's acted proud since the day he was...hatched!
Our Oregon rain has been terrible this month, but I'm hoping for some brighter days; they seem to be getting better. I am racing the clock to get my treasures organized so that I can do what I love when spring through fall comes-stay outside! Hope your spring is bright and shiny!!