Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Woohoo, I was able to get a LOT of my sewing/craft room cleaned up yesterday finally. That has been hanging over my head like the taxes I was able to get done this week, too, so I'm on a roll! I gathered up a bunch of little things I've collected at sales, etc, to work on for listing on Etsy. I seem to be good at stockpiling treasures and then I forget they're there and they add up after awhile. Well, now, in my "spare" time while at Grandma's, I can work on listing some of these things.
My little bunny I had made and listed on Etsy did leave home last week. He was adopted into a great home, so it wasn't so hard saying goodbye. I don't know why, but I enjoy making those and have sold a few on Etsy.
I'll show you a bed my daughter is going to sell, probably on craigslist. It is just adorable, I don't think it could be more than 2 1/2 feet wide, and is pretty short. When we found it at a sale, the lady said it was a "firemen's" bed???? Since then, we've had people tell us it could be a dorm bed?? I don't know for sure why it is, but I do know it's a lot smaller than a single bed. I just love the design, don't you? I'd probably have helped her sell it on Ebay, but I really HATE shipping big stuff. I've had awful experiences doing that. It seems like with big things, you state a shipping price, I always think it will be easier to find a box that it ever really is. You go to town at least 3 times to get it shipped. Just way to much work. But if you live close to Clatskanie, you may fall in love with this sweet little bed. I've thought it would make a darling little bench, too, but I'd never have the heart to change it! We had put it in the Vintage Winter sale we had in the old church, and have actually never moved it back into storage. At this point, it would be easier to sell it on craigslist right from where it is.
I think I've convinced my daughter of an idea I came up with. I am in desparate need to strip my house and clean it from the ceiling to underneath the fridge, stove, washer, and dryer. 10 years ago, I could rip the curtains off the walls, start them washing, and in the meantime, wipe down down the walls, wash all the knick-knacky things, the windows, the lamps, polish the furniture, wax the floors,..... You name it, I would have the place looking like a hurrican hit it, and by about midnight, I would have it all put back together, nice and fresh, knowing you wouldn't find a cobweb on the beams above, or a speck of dust on the light shades. Well, those days seem to be gone, at least for doing it in a day. So, I've talked Kristin into a proposal I had. We'll spend one whole day, with her kids and mine little ones, doing what it is that is driving her crazy. Flower beds? Outdoor stuff, indoor stuff, whatever. In trade, she will come and do a whole day at MY house. I think I've hit on a wonderful scheme, don't you? I used to think it would be awesome if ladies from my church would do this together, all get together and do something huge at each other's houses. Like putting bark dust on every flower bed or whatever. It never has happened, though. But I definitely think I've got my eldest daughter sold on this idea, whoopee!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loving Plain, Simple, and Ordinary

Lately, I've spent a lot of time helping out with my MIL, who has experienced failing health. I keep teasing my own kids to pay close attention, b/c that's what they're going to be doing when it's my turn. I don't know how all that will work, when my turn comes, but a girl can dream, right? Actually, my kids are pretty good, I think they'll be there.
Anyway, I digress. In spending quite a lot of time with her, it's been.....a big change in lifestyle. In our home, we have internet, we have a television and dvd player, but I haven't had television reception in my home for nearly all my adult life. My kids weren't raised to watch TV. We'll watch movies, but, I sure am NOT used to having a TV on all day long. So, I now find myself sitting with her, becoming an authority on Judge Judy, People's Court, Judge Joe, get the picture. Are these old people shows? I do sometimes find myself enjoying it, trying to guess what the judge will decide. I've learned that you should NEVER co-sign, you should have everything in writing, you never want to co-habitat with a friend....well, stuf happens. Then, I'm wondering who will win Dancing with the Stars????? A few months ago, I had hardly even any idea what Dancing with the Stars was! I've almost figured out how to play Deal or No Deal. I know all kinds of celebrity gossip, when two months ago, I didn't even know who the celebrities were! Where have I been since the 70s?
One night, my family was out to dinner, and one of my 10 yo sons asks my husband, "How many Abbot and Costello movies were the Andrew Sisters in?" I just burst out laughing, asking Randy, "How many 10 year olds know who the Andrew Sisters are?" We hardly know anyone's name who is alive today in movies, but the oldies, yes, they do know them. My grandsons are eve into Gilligan's Island now, and Caleb (6) couldn't believe it when I told him that Gilligan's Island was a show Grandma and Grandpa used to watch as kids!
Now, keep in mind, I'm a very naive person. I used to think that movie were real life. For some reason, I never noticed that John Wayne was the same person in the next movie I watched. I used to wish I had a talking horse, or a dog that jumped out my window to go be a hero. And I was the kind of kid who drove everyone crazy because all the way through a movie I would keep saying, "I don't get it? What's this about?" Maybe they would have thought I had a little ADDHD? I confessed to my husband the other day that I used to think the wind came from trees. A few were blowing one direction, then they made the next ones down the road blow, and so on and so forth. I thought flowers on Apple trees were just a preliminary enjoyment to the next thing God was going to put on the tree. No kidding, I didn't know it was part of the growth of the apple! I am amazed at my world!
So, here I am, watching TV, at this point of my life. It reminds me of highschool when I was addicted to soap operas. BTW, Erica hasn't gotten any older since I was about 8 years old, and now I'm almost 50! What's up with that? And I think I've decided that television kinda depresses me.
One thing I've been thinking about a LOT: I love a simple life. I love cooking things from scratch. I'm sick of Campbell's soup! (that's what MIL likes!) I sooooo enjoy going into my greenhouse and pretend it's sunny out! I love the quiet of no television playing! I'm very anxious to get out in the yard and do some much needed weeding. Just simple stuff. I get a little lump in my throat when it 's my turn to take off for Grandma's, and when I leave, I get another lump in my throat, b/c for this season of life, this is how it is. I just need to really focus on thankfulness. On being grateful for what I have. I can't tell you the relief I feel when I think to myself, "This is not permanant, it is not a job!" I don't want a job outside my home! I love my family and I'm hoping Grandma gets better soon, but we are all in this together. I love living in the country, away from our small town. Indeed, it is so small that it only has one stoplight! I am almost starting to feel Amish when I get back home, after all this TV! From the pictures you can see I have my work cut out for me already at home; winter storms have wreaked havok in my yard, and it needs a lot of attention! Good therapy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Own Personal Secret Service Men

I thought I'd share and maybe brag a little that I have my own personal squad of secret service men. They're kinda young, but they're taking their job very seriously. My twin sons, Seth and Ethan, who turned 10 last week (wow, everyone in my family is in double digits, now!) wanted to have their party where everyone dressed as secret agents. Well, we don't have huge parties, but their cousin and 4 nephews (my little grandsons) came dressed for the part. My son's boy, Steven, has the long yellow shirt with the extra small vest. His dad told me he tried to get him dressed, and no way, he wanted to do it himself. He's 5. My other grandson, Caleb, 6, came pretty much dressed like a regular spy, but my youngest grandson, Aidan, 5, thought he'd be a spy for the fire department. There must be some corruption in our local fire department? My great nephew, Brenden, 9, joined in, after my boys kinda forced him into it. My son's, Seth and Ethan, were so excited to get everyone together. I actually have been so busy helping with my mother-in-law, that I didn't really have a lot of time to work on this, but my sons took over on their own, and had a blast.
They made their own banner, that read "Spys Welcom". Actually, I couldn't get all the detail, but they really did a good job on their banner. They love to draw, and on all the letters of the sign, they had cute little spies doing different spy things. Pretty creative!
When Randy got home, he was pretty grubby, from the house he's building. The plan was, that he would take the boys for their famous dinner, chicken gizzards and joes at our local mini mart. Yuck! But, he's got the grandsons thinking this type of dinner is the greatest now, much to their mother's delight! Before they left, he told me, "I'm pretty grubby, I need to change first". I say "What???" "Are you kidding?" You're going to worry about what you look like, when you've got six secret servicemen going with you to mini mart for dinner? He could have dressed like a clown and fit in! I made him take the camera, but since I had to go through town anyway, I ran in and got the photo with him in it with them. Good memories. They came home to get in the hot tub and splash, and then had a Gilligan's Island telethon. It amazes me that my my own kids are growing up with my grandkids. They're all good friends LOL. Life is great, and I love all my own little secret agents.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life has it's twists and turns

Haven't had a lot of chances to blog lately. I have had lots going on, life's been different, with my MIL not doing well, trying to take my turns at helping care for her. During all this, my daughter had what she thought was kidney stones (b/c she's had that problem several times, and all through her last pregnancy). Well, she dealt with the pain for almost a week, before she became aware that she might be pregnant or miscarrying. She took the home test, and yes, the chemicals were there, but extreme pain. When she called the doctor over the weekend, they said to get to the hospital right away, and they did an emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. Her tube had ruptured, and she had extreme internal bleeding, so she ended up with a transfusion. She found out later she had a 50% chance of making it. Needless to say, it's been a stressful time for her and for us. She's on the road to recovery. With all that's going on, I have been so thankful for my family. Appreciation and thankfulness are a theme for me right now!

But spring is coming, and soon. I refused last week to acknowledge any snow, it was just a heavy frost LOL. Or at the least, just winter's way of trying to make one last blast b/c it was losing to spring! I love spring, summer, and fall. Spring is best, b/c there's still summer and fall left, right?

I have been able to keep my greenhouse going. I have some giant lima beans outgrowing their pots, I've never tried those. Tomatoes, green peppers, cilantro, pumpkins, cukes, some flowers, but not enough. A friend told me she grew and harvested watermelons in her greenhouse; I'm thinking that be fun to try. I do enjoy the greenhouse. I went out there yesterday and just enjoyed the warmth, the just close your eyes and imagine summer!

I haven't had a lot of time for crafting. You'd think taking care of Grandma would give me some time, but somehow, I stay busy and haven't had a lot of extra time. But, I did manage to get another rabbit done. I seem to be doing once in awhile, and I've sold a couple on Etsy. I get kind of attached to them, they have a Peter Rabbit kind of look about them, don't you think?