Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting into the swing of Fall

After getting back to school (homeschool, that is) we've had adjustments to schedules, frustrations and small triumphs, long days, short days, you name it. It didn't help that I'm still waiting on a few teacher's manuals so that I had to do it the hard way and work out each problem on my own. Good exercise for MY brain, too lol.
I've spent time thinking how I can keep ahead of things I need for me. I find that the older I get, (turned 50 this year!) the more I need light in my life. Yes, the Lord is my first Light. And I need sunshine. I really had a hard time thinking fall was coming and the days were shortening again. The thing I try to remember is spring will be right around the corner, trying to be optimistic, you know. I find that I need brighter light in my home. I plan to be in my greenhouse more this season and in the winter. I think if I get outside every chance I get, enjoy planting stuff in my greenhouse, and keeping the brighter bulbs in the fixtures, I'll do well.
It's time, too, to work on those projects I've collected in my head all summer. Although it was hard letting summer go, I was reflecting on all those bright orange and gold leaves everywhere here in the Pacific NW. I'm thinking that the reason they're so bright is that they're full of summer! Just a little different!
So, projects, here I come. And baking! The holidays are my busiest baking time. I'm all signed up to do a few bazaars in the Longview area. Kristin and I really, really wanted to do the Vintage Winter show at the Church again this year, but just ran out of time. Maybe next year. For now, I'll be at the Toy Soldier, the Canterbury, and the 3 Rivers Christian School holiday sales. So, nothing boring about the winter coming!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm a proud Mom...

I'm a bit chatty, yes, I know this. I wrote a ton of sentences in school; never could figure out how the teachers thought practicing penmanship was going to have an effect on my ability to hold my attention steadily on something, but I tried. Trouble was, something would pop into my head and my best friend sitting behind me would know in about 10 seconds what had popped into my head. I secretly thought the teacher had set me up, always putting me in FRONT of my friend. I was always the one in trouble. I see this with at least one of my grandchildren too, this inability to not flit around in my head. Attention deficit? Oh, I don't know, maybe just an active imagination, and I think we need that in our world, instead of the drug to make us slow down and get sleepy.
Anyway, I digress...again. My eldest daughter is a sweet kid, if you call a 30 year old daughter a kid. She is mom to 3 or my 4 grandkids, is a great wife to my super son-in-law, and most importantly, I'm proud of her walk with the Lord.
She and I are actually good friends! We get into discussions on deep subjects like cooking, canning, home stuff, home schooling, raising kids, crafts, sewing, gardening....we actually have a LOT in common.
I was just going through my blogs I follow and noticed that she has finally been posting blogs! I was amazed at how much alike we actually are ! Our thoughts are pretty similar on subjects, and I have to say, it is soooooo nice to be friends with your kids. Just thought it was time to take that plastic accordian folded thing out of my purse that women are known to use to brag with, and give you a glimpse of my beautiful daughter!