Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lost in the...mess

Sheesh, it's been awhile my poor blog! I'm so sorry to not have written! Maybe when the summer winds down (did I just say that? I didn't speak it, I wish it wouldn't happen, but I know it will!), and school will start, and the canning will be done...THEN I shall devote more time to you my poor blog! I've been loving this weather!
What's been happening? Well, this spring, we bought my parent's camper from them. Have taken a total of 3 trips with it, which has been fun. I'm looking forward to forcing my husband to take us when the winter comes, since it's already packed, it has a roof, and heat, and everything we need. Maybe he should become an "avid" hunter, instead of an occasional one, so we can use that as an excuse to go again! Always thinking ahead, to help him think of things he didn't know he wanted to do!
The kids have kept us running with their Vacation Bible School stuff first thing this summer, then the week of camp in July, not to mention all the sleepovers (I swear these kids are as manipulative as I am when it comes to getting to do stuff!), the day trips. The kids at our church even look forward to getting together to WORK! What's up with that? Can't get them that enthused at home!
My garden is growing like the weeds in it! The corn is pretty tall this year, I've managed to grow some huge kind of yellow squash I haven't been able to identify, b/c I through the package away and lost the stick I had put beside it telling me what it was. My cucumbers somehow disappeared, something must have eaten them, except for a couple tiny gherkins, which will take me forever to get pickles from. The green beans are almost ready, so next week I know what I'll be doing. Gardening is such a reminder of the seasons of life! Some things you don't expect, good and bad, pop up like a weed OR a volunteer sunflower plant! You have to do everything in it's time, or you miss out. Just tons of things to contemplate in the garden.
I haven't been able to go to a LOT of sales this summer, but I did manage to get in some really good ones. I've been stockpiling in my messy room, waiting for some boredom days, which never seem to happen. But now I have no choice but to get in gear and get to work on it. My daughter and I are excited to be going to Uncovered Ruby's 3rd Anniversary sale, September 18th; congratulations Lisa and Sally! If you haven't been to their shop in Battleground, you really need to go! I hear they've made changes since we've been there, so we're excited to go. In fact, Kristin and I are going to make a trip up before that, and soon, to visit Lisa, and Natalie (Vintage Sparrow). We've put it off too long, and we've talked about it too long! Soon, very soon! And in the meantime, we're getting busy getting stuff ready to bring up to the sale. I love the sales, the visiting, the meeting people!
I don't like putting a post up without some photos, so I'll ad some pictures of some of the great finds I recently aquired. The table with the blue legs and chairs, is now in my own kitchen.