Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clatskanie Goes Vintage

I'm getting excited for the coming week getting ready for the Vintage Winter Gathering at the Church. Today, a couple of the ladies, Linda and Lorrie, brought lots of their fun stuff. There were a few things I know I already want. I LOVE vintage christmas stuff, especially from around the 50s. I guess that's because I was born in 1959 and some of the things I would have seen as a child would have been from the 50s or earlier. Especially at Grandma's house.

Well, I'm dying for it all to get there and start getting it put out. Monday a bunch more is coming, which is good b/c as I type, my cardamom bread is cooling to take to a Christmas bazaar thing in Longview (Christmas at the Canterbury if you're interested) I thought I'd get on the computer and update my blog, then get some things to work on while I'm at the Canterbury tomorrow. My coffee cakes are pretty much ready to go. The space they gave me is pretty small, so we're not hauling a lot of stuff, pretty much just baked, but I'll get to take flyers for the "Gathering" .....AND......

Sherri's sale!! I hope this little flyer of hers comes through OK, but I wanted to share. The more the merrier, right? Well, Sherri is going to have a lot of her stuff (like her greenery!!) at the Gathering, but she is also getting in the Vintage theme down at her own shop in Clatskanie, "Flowers n Fluff". She's having the same hours as us, November 22st 10-7, and Saturday 10-4. She's also giving a 10% discount STOREWIDE!! So, be sure to head down there, too. She's got some great things you are sure to love. If you haven't been there, it's right on Hwy 30 in Clatskanie. Plus, she's got some great espresso!

I'm also posting the cutest little Christmas tag (couldn't figure out how to crop the tag corners, sorrry) for you to use however you'd like. I just thought it was soooo cute, and I had to share it. I love the little Dennison's reinforcement on it (this is actually a real tag that I scanned). So, enjoy!!


Debra said...

Hi Karen _ I can feel your excitement- sure sound like it is going to be wonderful! I love the tag!!
I have given your blog an award- go to Pilgrims& Pioneers to get it!

Melissa said...

Hi Karen-
Thanks for adding me to the blogs you read! I too love the vintage Christmas decorations! I have a collection of plastic Santas from the 40s and 50s.
Honeygirl Studio

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I was born in 1959, too, and LOVE the vintage decorations! Flocked plastic deer go right to my heart! So I hear ya! Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful event at your church!!!