Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pizza's on the way!!

Well, needless to say, I'm very tired! But it was very fun! We had a really good reception to our first ever sale at the church, so much so, that people were asking if we were doing a spring one. I felt like I did when I had my twins, which to this day is still a bit hazy, although the boys are 9 years old now! I just looked at Kristin with that dazed look; it always works on here, you know, she perks up and says, "hmmmmmmm". That's one good thing about being weird. For those who don't know, I have a 30 year old son, a 29 year old daughter, a 13 year old daughter, and the twins. (Yes, they're all mine!) Yep, if you doing enough things that are a bit odd, you get away with a LOT! Right, Kristin???

I couldn't believe how busy it was Friday, and all day long, up until probably 6. Opening, there was a line at the door, I got almost scared enough to leave the door locked and go hide in the bathroom! Kristin was still out hassling with the signs, which was NOT the plan we had in place weeks before! Lori and Linda went and did sign repair afterward. Whatever happened, they found us! But, our good old town council doesn't approve of the sign where they put it, so we apologize that it was removed grrr.

I got to meet people I only knew by phone or blogging, nice to see people actually have faces! Although I initially get scared, I forget about that after the first person smiles, then I have a blast, coming home at night feeling like Barbie at the end of Toy Story, where she complains of her cheeks hurting from smiling! I try to tell myself to not be so talkative, but alas, it just happens!

Today was another great day. It got slow at times, then back at it again. Clear up until closing, we had people there again. BTW, we still have a lot of great stuff, AND, we decided to go ahead and open one more day on Saturday. It's all set up, we'll just add some stuff, do some perking up, and maybe catch the crowd that is coming to the school for a tournament this weekend.

You know, you hear a lot these days, depressingly so, about the recession, about people not spending, etc. If we hadn't heard there was a recession, we would never have known by this weekend. I thought that was pretty encouraging, and really, I thank the Lord for blessing this sale. We don't have the final tally, but we will have at least a start on the new roof, thanks to the generosity of the people who bought pie and left donations. People were very excited to see the inside of the little church, and they just loved how it looked. I wish I had taken pictures of people's expressions when they entered. It was beautiful, and we definitely got the reaction we were hoping for!

Thanks to all for coming and supporting ALL of us; a lot of people were involved to make it happen!


Paula said...

It was a fantastic winter show. Such great handmade items. I can hardly wait to munch on my cardomom bread this morning. Monica (Happy Zombie), Robin and I dug right into Monica's loaf as soon as we got back into the car. YUM!!
It was really nice to meet you and Yes, a spring show would be great!
Happy unwinding today!

Anonymous said...

I had never had cardomom bread before and now I think I need some! Your gathhering was the jump off to a wonderful day for our group. We enjoyed your wonderful little town.
Hoping for a spring show,

The Texas Woman said...

Congrats on a great sale. You're tired but it's a good tired, I bet!

The Texas Woman

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

I'm so glad that it went well! So now you have a bit of time to prepare for the spring show! LOL!

Karen said...

Thanks very much Paula! It was good to meet all of you, too! You may have heard, we're going to do it one more day (Saturday). There's still a ton of stuff and people were still coming, so......since it's all set up, we'll go ahead and open once more. Karen

Karen said...

A spring show...hmmmm.....I'm still too tired to think about that! Thanks for cheering us on!! Karen

Laurie said...

Karen, I'm so thrilled for the success of your show! I wish I could have been there. Natalie tells me that your cardomom bread is out of this world! And yes she Debbie and I, did sew together last week. Weren't her Christmas stockings adorable?! Congratulations again now get some rest!!!

Kristin said...

WOW! We did have a good time didn't we? It was so encouraging hearing people's "ooh's & awww's"! We went to a LOT of work to do it, along with the many who helped, so... it's awesome that it all came together!

My neighbor just donated another $5to the church roof so the blessings keep pouring in! Thanks to everyone who bought pie too! The church will appreciate having a roof! :)

Sparrow said...

Thank you Karen and Kristin for letting me be a part of the event!!!